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Monday, July 13, 2015

Infinite - Bad

The kings of Korea are back! I'm definitely biased, because Infinite are my favorite band on the planet right now and it's not even close. Over the past year or so, they have entered the hallowed pantheon of god-like artists in my mind, sitting comfortably beside Janet/Michael Jackson and The Ark. As they started teasing for their comeback last week, I was a little disappointed that they seemed to be going for more of an urban sound this time. While I love urban music, it's not why I like Infinite. Because of this, Bad will probably never be my favorite Infinite single, but I was so pleased that the song isn't just some hip-hop trend-follower. No, the classic Infinite drama is there, from those powerful, emotive vocals to one hell of a string section. If the first portion of this song doesn't get you pumped up, then I just don't know how to fix you. I've even come around to that "bad, bad, bad, etc" hook, despite my dislike of choruses that simply repeat one word over and over again. It's certainly no Back, but it would be unfair to raise expectations that high for two singles in a row. I still adore it, and I'm hoping for a lighter, more melodic song to follow up (dare I dream of something as mind-blowingly perfect as a The Chaser sequel?). Oh yeah... and the music video is super badass.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

was anticipating this post knowing what a big fan of infinite you are!
agree with pretty much everything you say, they are definitely going with an edgier darker sound with rphabet as their producer. gotta say that my favorite part of the song is the pre-chorus by woohyun (1st) and sungyu (2nd) where they remove the intense strings in the back, letting you hear their voices as it is

10:48 AM  

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