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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Robyn - Got To Work It Out

Swedish pop genius Robyn has taken a page from the Korean music industry and opted for the concept of mini-albums over full lengths. Her newest is a journey through 90's-inspired dance and club music. It's loose and somewhat freeform, with an emphasis on groove over rigid song structure. As such, it's not likely to have as wide an influence as her best material. I'm hoping, though, that it'll have some nice staying power instead. I'm already impressed with the ridiculously catchy Got To Work It Out. The groove itself is enough to rave about, but Robyn has always been an expert at riding a song and imbuing every last word with a palpable attitude. It's so good to have her back, and I hope that mini-album releases mean we won't have to wait as long for new music next time.



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