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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sound Of Arrows coming back?

I apologize for missing a couple of days. Itunes screwed up the album artwork on my iphone for the second time this summer, so I've been spending the past 24 hours re-embedding artwork one album at a time. A process that will, charmingly, take weeks. Ugh. Now, I've shared this brilliant, brilliant remix before, but I thought it was appropriate to draw attention to it once more because of the recent news that Sound Of Arrows may be coming back with new material for the first time in four years. For those who don't know, Sound Of Arrows released one of the best pop albums of the past 20 years when they unleashed Voyage on us in 2011. The song below was the album's climax, though not in this remixed form. Be sure to check out this new interview with them, and if you haven't given the album a spin, what are you waiting for? Catch up before it's too late!!



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