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Monday, September 28, 2015

Darin - Följa John

Darin's new album (and first with his new sound) came out at the end of the last week. It's a gorgeous suite of autumnal folk-pop with a modern production twist. I love that it's all sung in Swedish, and that we really get to hear Darin's amazing vocals. When I first heard the album, Följa John (Follow The Leader) was the track that stood out. I applaud the new folk direction (mostly), but for me Darin is at his best when he's putting those sensationally powerful vocals to good use on an anthemic dance track. Följa John might not be as "dance" as he's gotten before, but the chorus definitely soars and I'd say it's the most uptempo track on the album. It was actually co-written by Peter Kvint, who also co-wrote some of my favorite songs by the Ark. He's one of my favorite Swedish songwriters, and it's a match made in heaven here. I hope it's a single at some point.

Listen to the song (and others) at this link



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