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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Kat-Tun - Dead Or Alive

I already wrote about Japanese group Kat-Tun back in July, but I wanted to make sure I touched on this track, which was released at the start of 2015, because it'll undoubtedly appear on my end-of-year countdown. The fact is, my last few weeks have been consumed with J-Pop by Kat-Tun, News, and to a lesser extent, Arashi. It feels like stumbling upon a holy grail that I didn't even know had existed. Dead Or Alive is a magnificent, symphonic pop track. In fact, it was the first Kat-Tun song I had ever listened to, around the time it was originally released. I'm not sure why I didn't investigate further back then, but I'm so glad that I've become devoted now. This is one hell of grand, theatrical pop song. That skeletal dance beat keeps it from going full-on Phantom of the Opera, while the instrumental build before the last chorus tips it into total nirvana. Songs like this are rare (and almost nonexistent in Western music), which just makes it all the more special. Luckily, even though the accompanying EP doesn't really keep the sound of Dead Or Alive, it's quite strong as well.

[PV] KAT-TUN - Dead or Alive
Posted by Sunrise Nippon ♥ on Saturday, January 24, 2015

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