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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Robin - Yö kuuluu meille (ft. Santa Cruz, Nikke Ankara, Brädi & Jussi 69)

Robin Packalen has got to be the most prolific teen popstar out there. Without missing a beat, he's delivered a new single every few months since his debut several years ago. He'll be releasing his fifth album soon, and is basically the model for how to naturally and gradually grow a pop career. His output has been remarkably consistent, while still managing to mature just as much as it needs to. Part of that is due to his collaborators, like Jimi Constantine who has written much of his stuff and has a writing credit on this song as well. Yö kuuluu meille features a parade of musicians, from rappers to glam rock band Santa Cruz. They give this song a much rockier feel than Robin's past material. But above all, Robin's own distinctive vocals tie everything together to create yet another solid addition to his ever-expanding discography.

Link to stream song (dubiously, since it ain't streaming anywhere else!)



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