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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Kolors - Everytime

This track reminds me so much of something I would've jumped all over when this blog first started almost a decade ago. My music taste has changed a lot since then, but I'll always be open to a bit of electro-tinged pop/rock. The Kolors are an Italian synth-rock group that has released two albums to date. Without resorting to stereotypes, I'm not sure what Italian music sounds like in general, but something about their sound actually seems very British to me. Everytime is the lead single to the recently released second album, and seems to be their biggest hit to date. It's the kind of bouncy, lightweight radio pop that goes down real easy. From listening to previews, it sounds like there are songs on the album that'll appeal more to me (ie: more synth-focused), but this feels like a great entry point to their sound.



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