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Monday, October 05, 2015

Janet Jackson - Take Me Away

God, I love Janet Jackson. And I am so happy that this new album turned out to be awesome. At this stage in her career, I wasn't sure what to expect. Even after seeing her in concert this August, and realizing that she's still got everything that made her so special in the first place, I just wasn't sure that she could pull off an album that stood up there with her 80's/90's classics. With Unbreakable, she's created something that's both incredibly nostalgic and totally forward-thinking. It's actually a pretty experimental Janet record, but it nods back to her past so wonderfully that it feels in keeping with the story that she's been telling since 1986's Control through 1997's Velvet Rope. I love every song, but Take Me Away was one of the instant standouts. It's just so damn joyous. The production veers close to the electro-rock genre, which is new for her, but the lush, soothing harmonized vocals are pure Janet. When that guitar kicks in toward the end, I'm in absolute nirvana. If you've ever loved Janet, do yourself a favor and listen to the new record as soon as you possibly can.



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