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Monday, November 30, 2015

Road Boyz - Show Me Bang Bang

This song came out of nowhere. Literally, nowhere. I don't think Road Boyz (terrible name, by the way... especially since in Korean it's pronounced "load boys") were on anyone's radar. And nobody's talking about them, even after the release of this single. They're from a tiny company and their music video looks like it was shot for about ten bucks, but boy did they deliver with this song. Ignore the overused autotune/vocoder in the introduction. It tones down quickly, and what follows is a propulsive dance track that sounds like a throwback to the way k-pop was three or four years ago. I have no idea why it's called "Show Me Bang Bang" (another stupid name, btw), since those lyrics never come up. Instead, the guys repeat "can't let you go" a gazillion times (too many times, in fact). In short, there are so many amateur missteps here, yet somehow the song itself ends up being absolutely epic and one of the best I've heard this month. This is the kind of pop music I love.

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