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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 50 Singles of 2015: 20-16

20. Infinite - Dilemma

For their first original Japanese release, the guys gifted us an aggressive, rock-infused pop track with a wicked guitar breakdown.

19. Teen Top - ah ah

At first it may seem underwhelming, but something about that summer sound works its way in your brain and sticks there.

18. Seventeen - Adore U

The year's best debut -- a giant candy-coated mixture of pop and hip-hop and big, boisterous production.

17. HIGH4 - D.O.A. (Dead Or Alive) 

Switching between genres for a year now, the guys finally settled on something that really does them justice -- a dark, dynamic dance track.

16. GOT7 - If You Do 

GOT7 had a big year, and this moody, melodic single was yet another breakthrough for them.

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