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Friday, August 06, 2010

Mike Posner - Save Your Goodbye

"You're everywhere I go"

I should not like Mike Posner's music. It's so chart-ready, so of-the-moment-soul-pop and so unoriginal. BUT... I fell for Cooler Than Me on first listen back at the beginning of Summer and the love affair continues each time I hear it on the radio. Even more worryingly, the follow up single Please Don't Go has struck me just as hard. That being said, most of the other blue-eyed-soul/electro tracks on the debut album don't scale the heights of the singles. But Posner's got a couple of things going for him. First, his voice reminds me of similar artists making hits in Sweden (a good thing if you're me!). Second, he knows how to write a hook. I usually select uptempo tracks to post, but my favorite non-single track on the album's actually an atmospheric ballad that I'd pick as an easy third single. This is a HIT. (and can anyone else imagine Darren Hayes singing this? Or is it just me?)

Mike Posner - Save Your Goodbye by alienhits

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