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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jessie & The Toy Boys - We Own The Night

"That's when we all turn into stars"

This is going to be huge in 2011. I predict that Jessie & the Toy Boys will be a name everybody will know by December. Jessie Malakouti (her "boys" in question are little more than mannequins) has been around for awhile--a songwriter for famed production house Xenomania who's made an attempt or two at solo fame. This song could really do it for her. It's already been used in a marketing campaign for TV network the CW and I predict that it'll trump the equally impressive Push It as her lead, breakout single. Jessie's got a sound that's perfect for this year. Poppy, fun, a little sleazy (without being Ke$ha-sleazy... or Ke$ha-annoying). Her voice is reminiscent of artists like Kylie, Madonna, Paula Abdul, and Lene from Aqua depending on the song. We Own The Night is anthemic radio pop at its best--I Gotta Feeling mixed with Tik Tok. I don't usually get this excited about songs this trendy and commercial, but I really think this is something special. And the promising thing is, it's only one of many fantastic tracks from Jessie.

Jessie & The Toy Boys - We Own The Night by alienhits

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