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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Pop Blitz 12/8/11

Flo-Rida - Good Feeling
The sample used in this track is an interesting sidestep for Flo-Rida. After that, it's pretty much what you'd expect. Still, for the sample, this deserves at least a solid B

Rebecca Ferguson - Nothing's Real But Love
The song's about as sleepy as I'd expect from this X-Factor runner-up. It's better than Cardle's debut, but nothing I'd listen to regularly (or remember in a year's time). C+

Jason Derulo - Fight For You
What is it up with this guy and samples? I'm sorry, but you don't touch Toto's Africa. This is about 0.000002% as good as the original. D

Avicii - Levels
Where have I heard this before? Ah, yes... two tracks ago with Flo-Rida's song. Yeah, this is the track he sampled (stole?). It's about as good here as it was there. Nothing revolutionary, but pleasant. B

Kelly Rowland - Down For Whatever
Rowland continues with her successful club sound. It's not as good as her prior singles, but this is definitely the genre she should be recording in. I just wish the melody was a little more inventive. B-

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe
It's not easy to write an original Christmas song. This is far from a trainwreck, but it's still pretty stupid. Luckily, it's too damn catchy to dismiss entirely. B-

Jessie J - Domino
I'm no fan of this girl, but this is at least one of her better singles. I would've preferred it sung by someone like Katy Perry. Still, it's solid radio fodder. B

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Anonymous Tempting Tone said...

I'm surprised that Derulo & Flo Rida didn't do better!

Take care!

1:31 AM  

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