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Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 50 Singles of 2011: 50-46

50. Jesse and the Toyboys - Push It

In a year without Gwen Stefani, this was the next best thing. A dirty, cheeky party track

49. Leona Lewis - Collide

Leona tackles dance music to stunning effect. Her voice has never sounded better than on this anthemic belter.

48. Penguin Prison - Fair Warning

A reliably cool and catchy 80's inspired pop song. One of Penguin Prison's best, and that's saying something.

47. Vanbot - Lost Without You

A Robyn-esque dance track, dense and layered and utterly gorgeous. One of the best indie tracks of the year.

46. Take That - Love Love

Take That continue their aggressive, electro-influenced sound with one of their best tracks. It just happens to be attached to one of the year's best movies, too.

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