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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Top Ten X-Factor Contestants

A little over a year ago, I compiled a list of my favorite ever X-Factor contestants. Now that time's past (and we're nearing the finale of the 2012 UK series), I thought I'd revisit my list, taking into account not only what the contestants did on the competition, but also what they've managed to do in the real world.

Dropping out from last year's list:
Stacey Solomon (UK 2009)
Same Difference (UK 2007)
Alexandra Burke (UK 2008)
Ruth Lorenzo (UK 2008)

10. Rhydian Roberts (UK 2007) - down three places
He barely hangs onto my list, mostly for his most recent covers album and the sheer weirdness of his XF persona.
Big Song: The Promise

9. Amelia Lily (UK 2011) - new entry
I had predicted that Amelia would win last season's UK XF, so I was really excited when she was voted back in towards the end of the series' run. Since then, she's released an amazing debut single. I hope the album is as good.
Big Song: You Bring Me Joy

8. Jesper Nohrstedt (DK 2010) - down three places
We finally got to hear some music from Jesper this year. Both of his singles/collaborations were great and exactly what I'd expect after his excellent XF performances. If an album is looming, he could easily climb back up my list.
Big Song: Take Our Hearts

7. Altyan Childs (AU 2010) - down five places
His performances in the show keep him on my list, but what's frustrating is that he hasn't been able to convert his win into actual post-show stardom. It's too bad, because he really did have some of the best rock performances in the history of the show.
Big Song: Summer Of '69

6. Samantha Jade (AU 2012) - new entry
The most recent winner on my list, and the one with (by far) the best winner's single. I predict big things for this girl. In many ways, she's the "new" Kylie Minogue.
Big Song: What You've Done To Me

5. Jedward (UK 2009) - down two places
The only "joke" act in the show's history that's actually had some staying power. Their Eurovision entries are both fantastic, but the real surprise was their third album that was released this year. It's credibly good pop music.
Big Song: Waterline

4. Olly Murs (UK 2009) - new entry
I didn't fully support him when he was actually on the show, but now that he's wracked up three hit albums and some truly memorable singles, as well as hosting the Xtra Factor, I'm a total convert.
Big Song: Heart Skips A Beat

3. Cher Lloyd (UK 2010) - up three places
From the best series of XF ever, Cher was an obvious choice for post-show stardom. Since then, she's managed to go global, releasing a great debut. Still, I feel like the best is yet to come with her.
Big Song: With Ur Love

2. Reece Mastin (AU 2011) - new entry
Probably the most believable rocker the show's had, Reece rocketed to the winning spot last year in Australia. Since then, he's released four excellent singles and one original album (after the obligatory covers release) that marks him as a very promising new talent in Australia and, hopefully, the world.
Big Song: Shut Up And Kiss Me

1. One Direction (UK 2010) - even with last year
I knew from the beginning that these guys would take the world by storm, but I'm continually astonished at how big they actually are. Their journey on the show was very entertaining to watch, but it's their post-show music that's really cemented them at the top spot.
Big Song: What Makes You Beautiful

Honorable Mentions/Maybe Next Year:

Martin Hoberg Hedegaard (DK 2008)
Leona Lewis (UK 2006)
Wagner (UK 2011)
JLS (UK 2008)

Little Mix (UK 2011)
Kitty Brucknell (UK 2011)
District 3 (UK 2012)
What About Tonight (AU 2012)
Christina Parie (AU 2011)
Union J (UK 2012)
Emblem 3 (US 2012)
Carly Rose Sonenclar (US 2012)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed The Collective (AU 2012)

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ranked Cher Lloyd and Jedward, instead of Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love was number one all over the world and her debut album had a huge success

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ranked Cher Lloyd and Jedward, instead of Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love was number one all over the world and her debut album had a huge success

2:44 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Anon #1, honestly the Collective never clicked with me. IN my opinion, they never broke out of that cheesy, manufactured boyband stereotype. I'll be surprised if they see any lasting success in Australia, but I could always be wrong.

Anon #2, I wrote this list as a personal opinion of my favorite acts. I definitely took sales success into consideration, but beyond that I'm just not much of a fan of Leona's music. Barring a few standouts, I find it all rather dull.

2:47 PM  

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