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Monday, August 17, 2015

Swiss Lips - Got It Bad

Swiss Lips are back with a new track on their soundcloud feed, and as usual I'm inclined to share it here. This is a band that never broke out big, despite releasing a string of excellent synth-rock tracks. And now they've unfortunately announced their disbandment. Sadly, they just never produced that one song that'd become a hit for them, despite a discography full of excellent material. Got It Bad may be their best song yet, particularly that grand, intensely jubilant backing track. I talked about Sound Of Arrows last Friday, and the music in the second half of this reminds me of something those guys would have created. It has that vast, slightly interstellar feel to it (if music can be described as "interstellar"!). The song is taken from their upcoming second (and last) album, which from the samples sounds like it could be quite good.



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