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Saturday, September 16, 2006


“It's time you're back in line because we made up our minds, over you!”

Now for something completely different. I'm not immune to the occasional hair metal revival. Of course, it has to be good. And, this song by Canadian band Robin Black is so catchy that it would work even without the snarling delivery or crunchy guitars. It's the kind of stupid, throw-up-your-arms song and even if you don't like this sort of thing, you'll be won over by the huge chorus. The best part, though, is the extended spoken interlude. It cracks me up every time. So passionate, and ending with the funniest scream. Love it.

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Friday, September 15, 2006


“I want you Linda, but it's a waste of time”

Sweden's Forest & Crispian are very very strange. They have their own dolls, which is interesting enough, but this song is the icing on the cake. A weird combo of Adam Ant, Devo and Dwight Yoakam (yes, you read that right), Linda is a catchy, undefinable pop song. They describe themselves as "new wave barber shop rock," whatever that means. I think the best introduction to them is their freaking awesome homemade video. Very funny.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


“You've been trying to bear with me and I've been trying to make sense”

This lovely Danish trio makes sparkling, icy synth pop along the lines of Bertine Zetlitz and (more subdued) Annie. Girlfriend is their new single and it is fantastic. The synth line alone is enough but the chorus is ultra-catchy as well and will be glued to your brain. Pictured above is lead singer Pernille Pang, who looks ever so glamorous in all of the photos I've seen.

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“Take me now, don't say no”

Here's a new song by Lamont. Actually, it's an old song but it was just released on their new website. I posted about this Swedish band some time ago and have been eagerly awaiting their debut album for some time. Looks like they're gearing up to release it in the near future. Their new single, Rather Do It, comes out the 25th and will be downloadable from their website. As for their sound, think of Melody Club with a more punk approach. It's very catchy and cool.

Lamont - Alright

(Bonus) Lamont - 45 Minutes

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now that's how it's done, Miss Jackson...

Janet - So Excited (Video)

“I'm sick and tired of always being sick and tired”

It starts with a vocal build-up that promises something epic to come and then moves into a catchy piano riff with hand claps (yes, hand claps!). Then the whole thing starts to sound like my beloved Ark. And, that's before the massive, massive chorus comes in. One listen and I was hooked. Danish band The Alpine have created an anthematic pop song that's pretty much clever all over. This is the perfect driving, singalong music (even if it's not Monday).

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Fergie - The Dutchess
Release Date: September 19, 2006
Label: Interscope

Going into this fall season of rabid superstar releases, there was no song that I despised more than London Bridge. I found it derivative and obnoxious (still do, actually), but most of all it upset me that this kind of song is what qualifies as an American number one these days. I guess we have Hollaback Gwen to thank for this.

So, it was to my absolute surprise that I actually enjoyed the majority of The Dutchess. It’s a party album for sure, but an interesting and spontaneous one. The expected pseudo-rap of Black Eyed Peas’ hit My Humps is of course here, most notably in Fergalicious (which is as stupid as it sounds, but still fun). However, there are also touches of guitar pop (Big Girls Don’t Cry ( Personal)), 60’s girl group (Clumsy), Missundaztood-era Pink (Losing My Ground), and Celine Dion-style balladry (Finally, which sounds nothing like you’d expect from Fergie). The highlight of the album, though, is the reggae stomper Mary Jane Shoes, which rides along on a gorgeous melody until about three quarters of the way through, when it turns into an all out ska stomper. I wish we could hear more like this.

Of course, not everything here is brilliant. There is still the matter of London Bridge, after all. Immediately after that song, Fergie continues the theme by sampling the melody from the original London Bridge song on Pedestal. A bit of overkill? Yes, but Pedestal is far superior, so it works alright. Less successful are a pair of tracks (Here I Come & Get Your Hands Up) that sound like horrible Black Eyed Peas b-sides and Velvet, which is a thoroughly unsexy sex jam. Still, given the album’s length at fourteen tracks, it is not entirely impossible to overlook the few clunkers. B

Key Tracks: Mary Jane Shoes, Clumsy, Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

#1 Hits: Mix One

I've been playing around the idea of doing different themed mix cds for awhile now so here's the first one, #1 Songs In Heaven. I'm talking otherworldy falsetto, choirs of angels, celestial synths. It's a dance party in heaven, and you don't have to be dead to join!

1. Sparks (ft. Jimmy Somerville) - The No. 1 Song In Heaven
... starts off the cd in a fittingly epic fashion... a blending of orchestral and dance sounds with otherworldy vocals, this update of the late seventies classic is a must...

2. Pet Shop Boys - Closer To Heaven
... seeps in perfectly from the previous cut... lyrics may need some reinterpretration, but still...

3. Roxette - Stars
... spastic, blissed out late 90's Roxette... the children's choir (or are those angels?) is what truly makes it stand out...

4. Lorraine - Heaven
... 80's cover version by Scandinavian synth-poppers (and really, is there any place more heavenly than Scandinavia??)...

5. Delays - Nearer Than Heaven
... the vocals are enough to qualify, but the achingly gorgeous harmonies in the chorus put it over the edge...

6. Gladiator (ft. Izzy) - Now We Are Free
... dance hit from a few years back... the operatic vocals give it an epic feel... it's like you're travelling...

7. Bodies Without Organs - Open Door (Disco Version)
... simple yet effective message... heaven's got an open door tonight... indeed it does...

8. Yoko Kanno - Blue
... stunningly beautiful and moving finale to the disc... the children's choir alone is worth it, but the lyrics, ending the journey on a perfect note... I'm ascending.


“Let's go, Paris, London, New York City”

In the vain of past #1 Hits favorites the Lovemakers and the Chalets comes Californian boy/girl duo This Episode. "Paris, London, New York" is an irresistable slice of synth-pop (emphasis on the pop) that has summer number one written all over it. Over a plucky, riff filled beat, Desi (the girl - who plays keyboards) treats us to a ridiculously addictive chorus. There is no reason why this band should be unsigned. Pair this up with Infernal's recent hit, "From Paris To Berlin" and Cooler Kids' "All Around The World" and you've got a dose of bubblegum travel. And, what better way to do it, right?

This Episode - Paris, London, New York

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Is this not the coolest cd case you have ever seen??

Monday, September 11, 2006



I wrote about Do Me Bad Things in day nine of the Millenium Project, but I wanted to give them a proper post to hammer home the point that if you haven't discovered this band yet, you're missing something big. Unfortunately, there will only be one Do Me Bad Things album to enjoy because the band sadly split up awhile ago. Luckily, it's a freaking great album! I'm going to be extra tricky here and post two songs (both of them not on the original album) to emphasize the duality of the group. The majority of their songs were either sung by gospel/pop chanteuse Chantal (how about that for alliteration!) or the glam/pomp-rocker Nicolai (whose solo album shall be out soon-ish). Chantal's selection, The Forgetful Tapier, is a catchy soul-infused rock song while Nicolai's Rise Of The Pontoon starts off with a soft rock bent but turns all epic with lovely choral vocals.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


“Curtain goes up and the lights come down”

I've been meaning to post this song for awhile. The Capricorns are a unique duo and this song definitely displays that. It's a minimalist casio-led track that is comprised solely of keyboard work and vocals. You keep expecting drums to come in or something but it never happens. It's all very refreshing actually. Their are echoes of early 80's new wave here but it's more in the attitude and vocals than anything. Given the simplicity of the arrangement it's surprising how big the song sounds.

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