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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pop Blitz 9/29/11

Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All
It's a breezy return for Clarkson, and this song goes down real easy. I'm actually surprised how much I like it. Her vocals sound so amazing on the chorus. A-

The Wanted - Lightning
I love this melodically, but I can't help but feel that there's a little something missing in the production. Even so, this easily keeps up their run of brilliant pop singles. B+

Rihanna - We Found Love
It's another big hit, and a new venture into a very European sound. Thank Calvin Harris, whose production is gonna sound very fresh in the US (even though it's getting pretty stale worldwide). Still, this is more anthemic than she's sounded in awhile. A-

Jason Derulo - It Girl
I like how everyone's jumping on the whistle craze now that Maroon 5 have found such success with it. Unfortunately, the whistling is by far the best part of this forgettable slow jam. C+

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
It's an odd choice for a Twilight soundtrack, for sure. For me, his singles have either been amazing or dire so far. This is oddly somewhere in the middle. Certainly not bad, but it doesn't have that "wow" factor, either. B-

Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
If she's looking for a US career, she would be wise to offer this as her opening salvo. It never breaks away from trendiness, but it's her catchiest single to date by a mile. B

B.O.B. - Strange Clouds (ft. Lil' Wayne)
A lot's riding on this comeback single. It's certainly not the crossover hit he needs for pop radio, but it's not hideously mediocre either. It's a little Tinie Tempah-esque, except not as good. C+

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Anonymous pharmacy reviews said...

It is hard to pick, but mine goes to Kelly Clarkson.

6:14 AM  

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