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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lady Gaga - I Like It Rough

"You've got me wondering why I like it rough"

Yep, it's another Lady Gaga track. My love/hate relationship with her continues upon hearing the full album. I've gotta say, even though I would have preferred more Bowie than Black Eyed Peas, the thing's pretty consistant throughout. Odd, though, that one of my favorite tracks is a bonus one. I have a feeling that Gaga's best work is not on this cd. I mean, tracks like Nothing Else I Can Say and Poker Face are catchy and all, but they also follow trends. The Pussycat Dolls could have recorded them just as well. I prefer the stranger stuff, like the fantastic dance number, I Like It Rough. It just sounds different, know what I mean? I don't want twenty-five versions of Just Dance. I like hearing different sounds. Don't get me wrong, I love the album. I just think that she's potentially more interesting.

On another note, this will be my last post this week. In fact, the next few weeks will be more sporadic than usual because I'll be going through a complicated move across the state that will require multiple trips (groan).

Lady Gaga - I Like It Rough (zshare)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovers Electric - In Love

"I'm in love for the first time"

Australian (but London-based) Lovers Electric have a fantastic new song available as the free download of the week on Australia's itunes. Judging from presales, their album seems poised to becomes a big success as well. A girl/boy duo with heavy 80's influences, they actually remind me of the similarly-titled Lovemakers, old favorites of Alienhits. In Love is a fantastic pop track that displays perfectly the simple appeal of this duo. They create catchy 80's pop with a slight indie edge (the album is pretty lo-fi, after all) and an abundance of hooks. Australia seems to be the place to go for music this year. This, I believe, is the demo version of the track btw. The album version is a lot dancier.

Lovers Electric - In Love (zshare)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot Leg - Heroes

"It ain't easy being a hero"

I was really sad when the Darkness broke up. I liked their first album but loved the second... and then they imploded. Luckily, frontman Justin Hawkins is back with a new band that doesn't sound all that different than his last one. They haven't released much yet, but apparently an album is on the way fairly soon. Heroes is a teaser track offered by the band themselves, and it's pretty much devoid of the high level of camp that the Darkness was so well known for. Instead, it's a straight-ahead punky rocker. Although I've heard it won't be a part of the actual album, I think it would make a great addition if they polished up the production a little.

Hot Leg - Heroes (zshare)

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