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Friday, January 09, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

It's the fourth video from Thomas Troelsen's band Private for their latest single Killer On The Dancefloor, and it's everything a creepy dance-pop video should be. I love this band and hope they release everything from their excellent debut as a single. They are one of the best groups out there today, musically and visually.

PRIVATE - Killer On The Dancefloor from PRIVATE on Vimeo.
Cash Cash - Sugar Rush

"I can taste you on my tongue"

There is a certain type of (put-on?) singing voice that is so synonymous with "emo" music in the States. It is almost always an instant disqualifier for me because I find it very whiny and disingenuine. Jean Paul Makhlouf, the lead singer of American band Cash Cash, very much borders on this voice, but thankfully it's more Hellogoodbye than... let's say early Fallout Boy. And even more thankfully, the group's songs (and choice of instrumentation) far eclipse any other similar-minded band. They totally embrace the pop and synth side of the genre and they're all the better for it. Because of this, I'd actually compare them more to Under The Influence Of Giants than Cobra Starship or Metro Station. They actually just toured with Metro Station, though they're infinitely better. The important thing is that they definitely want to dance, and tracks like Sugar Rush prove it.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

DeltaWave - Information Overload

"Too many people saying too many things, asking too many questions"

Thanks to the always-reliable DontStopThePop for introducing me to the fantastic DeltaWave. They are a mixture of Scissor Sisters, Jean and Daggers and their music is irresistably catchy. Definitely a pop group to watch for 2009. Their debut, Discophobia, comes out later in the year but this track is from a release a few years ago. When I first heard Information Overload I was sure it was a cover of a really good 80's song, which is a pretty big complement coming from me. The verses and bridge remind me of something I've heard before but I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, it is an utterly addictive synthpop dance track and these guys have more where this came from. I can't wait to hear their album.

DeltaWave - Information Overload (zshare)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hilotrons - Emergency Street

"People keep me moving to the edge of the street"

Hilotrons are a new wave indie pop band from Canada who have been getting a ton of critical praise with each album they've released. Their music is odd--at times almost experimental--while still conforming to basic pop structures. Sometimes they can get a bit too indie for my tastes, but I love their bright, herky-jerky sound and some of their songs are downright genius. Emergency Street was the instant standout from their most recent release for me. I love the opening verse with its funny little electronic noises, and the chorus is completely addictive from the very first listen. At times these guys really remind me of Oh No Ono, which is kinda surprising to find outside of Scandinavia.

Hilotrons - Emergency Street (zshare)

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Danny - Unite This Heart

"I'm so tired of being alone"

With all the December countdown stuff I haven't had a chance yet to lay praise on Danny Saucedo's terrific second album. Although it was technically released during the dying days of 2008, it's the first great pop album of the new year. In fact, I'd argue that it's even better than his first. I struggled to pick a song to post today, since there are a lot of standouts, but ended up going with Unite This Heart, because it was one of the very first ones that lodged in my head. It follows Danny's usual route... verses that build up to a throbbing dance chorus. I wish male singers could get away with this kind of stuff in the States. Although, with acts like Lady Gaga and (to a lesser extent) Katy Perry finally making inroads in the US, maybe we're ready for more poppy dance music. At any rate, if you like this track, be sure to check out the full album because it's all just as fantastic.

Danny - Unite This Heart (zshare)

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Monday, January 05, 2009

SuperJupiter - Got To Get Some

"My feet go anywhere love goes"

One of my most anticipated releases this year is SuperJupiter's first full-length album. The guys have been releasing music since 2003 but with their Pop! EP (out this month) they've given us an amazing taster of what's to come. I only properly discovered them a short while ago but they've instantly joined the a-list in my mind. Each and every song is a massive electro/pop/rock/glam gem. If you haven't yet, I order you to go listen to the tracks on their myspace. Right now I'm especially obsessed with the aggressive What Do You Want From Me. I'm going to post an older song today, though. Got To Get Some first appeared (in a much more flacid version) on their first EP in 2003, but it was soon reworked into the funky masterpiece it is now. How was this not a massive worldwide dance smash??

SuperJupiter - Got To Get Some (zshare)

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