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Saturday, August 26, 2006


"Your parade will be a washout"

How about that for an intimidating press picture? It looks as though the somebody's gonna get a beat down. The Fallout Trust is an English band that currently live in a warehouse, which I think is suitably rock and roll. Their debut album soundtracked my short trip to Paris a few months ago. Washout is their poppiest moment and it's a great summer sounding track. It has a slight ska influence to it but it's also extremely catchy and sounds like something that a band like Maroon 5 or even The Mo could perform under slightly different circumstances.

The Fallout Trust - Washout

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Friday, August 25, 2006


"Little black magic baby dressed in white"

I've been meaning to post this one for months, as the song is almost a year old now. One thing that America is solely missing is the solo male pop star that is not of the John Mayer clone variety nor the teen-pop ilk. I think the only one that we have that even comes close is Justin Timberlake (which isn't such a bad thing... at least he's willing to try and grow as an artist). Anyways, this brings me to Andreas Johnson, who's a solo male singer from Sweden. This song, his first single from his third album, is the kind of thing that I wish we could hear from solo male singers on this side of the Atlantic. It's uptempo, fun and catchy. There is absolutely no brooding or pouting!!

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy the album here.)


Phantom Of The Paradise

This is a strange one. It’s basically a rock version of (the already pseudo-rock) Phantom of the Opera. So, if you’ve seen that classic you already know the basic plot. But, this is also very much a seventies movie, which means that there are a lot of druggy, sexual weird things involved. Some of the music is quite lovely and I only wish that there was more of it. Also, the costume for the Phantom is really strange. He looks like a transformer or something.

Phantom Of The Paradise - Somebody Super Like You
Phantom Of The Paradise - The Hell Of It

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Another one of those strange, strange seventies movies, BTVOD is shockingly funny, sexual and campy. It’s not so much of a break-out-in-song-for-no-reason musical, but it still is very much driven by music. The ending is bewilderingly druggy and doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the film, but it’s a good laugh. And, it was written by Roger Ebert (bizarrely enough…)

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - Come With The Gentle People
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - Sweet Talkin’ Candy Man

Forbidden Zone

This is the weirdest movie I have ever seen in my life. It is so incredibly bizarre that I believe everyone should see it at least once. Just watch the clip below and tell me it’s not the highlight of your day. It’s like some weird black and white dream. The music in this Oingo Boingo created musical leaves something to be desired at times and you have to search hard to find a storyline, but it is funny and demented and definitely a conversation piece!

Forbidden Zone - Witch’s Egg

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Thursday, August 24, 2006


"I never wanted to be the one"

Take a look at that picture and tell me that you're not at least a little bit curious about the song. Turns out, it's every bit as glamourous and lovely as you'd think. Trabant hail from Iceland (I think probably the first Icelandic band I've ever posted!) and are more of an experimental band than anything. They meld elements of Queen, Prince and electronica and the verdict's still out on whether I can get into their stuff or not. This is the most straightforward of their songs that I've heard and it's simply gorgeous. This is a remixed version of the one on the album (which is more of a brooding techno ballad) and I think that it's mainstream enough to possibly be a hit. The other songs I've heard from them are a bit less straightforward and sometimes don't quite feel like fully formed songs yet. They are intriguing, at least.

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy their album - and see their cool video - here.)


The Pirate Movie

Basically a cheesy, horny 80’s update of Pirates of Penzance, The Pirate Movie is a lot more fun than Pirates of the Caribbean. Less of a rock musical than an all out 80’s pop musical, it keeps some of the songs from the original that it’s based on and mixes them with some horribly over-emotive ballads. It’s basically a big joke from end to end but it’s really funny. Also, the song Pumpin’ and Blowin’ is profoundly perverse no matter what it claims to be about.

The Pirate Movie - Pumpin’ And Blowin’
The Pirate Movie - Happy Ending

Reefer Madness

I’m sad that this Showtime movie wasn’t more successful than it was. A mock musical based on the original cheesy public service announcement, this is a hilarious movie. And, it works great as a musical as well because it’s so chock full of songs that it doesn’t ever get boring. Plus, Alan Cumming and Kristen Bell are hilarious. I couldn’t find a trailer to this movie so below is one of my favorite scenes.

Reefer Madness - Little Mary Sunshine
Reefer Madness - The Orgy

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"Hello operator, please connect me to the human race"

Ima Robot release their second album in the States in a few weeks and, although I've remained pretty ambivalent about them in the past, I heard a few tracks from it and they sound way, way good. There's something very Swedish about this song. It has the driving rock sound of the Ark with the catchy repetitiveness of Melody Club. Finally, it adds in some American 80's punk and at times reminds me of the glorious Adam Ant. The lyrics as well are very timely and definitely describe my feelings about living in America right now. This isn't their first single from the new album (that'd be the also excellent "Creeps Me Out"), but it's a fantastic singalong anthem.

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Hedwig And The Angry Inch

The rare musical that is at once irreverent and completely emotionally engrossing, Hedwig is the best movie-musical of the last twenty years. End of story. Even if you’re not a botched transsexual (and really, the majority of us aren’t), you’ll find something to relate to hear. Plus, if all else fails just close your eyes and listen to the music. It is utterly gorgeous. Just listen to Origin Of Love for confirmation.

Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Tear Me Down
Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Origin Of Love

Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment is Rocky Horror’s successor, even though it has little to do with that movie despite some of the same characters and many of the same actors & crew. It certainly cements Richard O’Brien in the hall of geniuses. The fact that he was able to so completely predict the rise of reality TV in this movie (Big Brother, anyone?) is astounding. The soundtrack is much more 80’s new wave than RHPS, but it is so incredibly good that it almost gives that hallowed masterpiece a run for its money.

Shock Treatment - Shock Treatment
Shock Treatment - Me Of Me

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hey, I've got a bit of an odd job for y'all. MTVU is currently running a poll of five different music videos and the winner will be played "over and over" on their channel. The Ark (aka: best band in the world, aka: #1 album on the millenium project) are one of the bands with their video "One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young." Currently they're #3 out of 5 bands, though they climbed up to #1 earlier today. Any play that their video can get in the US is very good for them (and the music scene in general), so I wanna see them win.

So... my request is that all you loyal #1 Hits readers vote as much as you can by clicking here. You can vote as many times as you want until Friday.

In fact, if The Ark wins I just might have to post a rare b-side of theirs in celebration!!


"We don't want no superficial artificial so-so kind of fun"

I've been meaning to post this track for awhile now. It's more along the lines of electro-punk than things I usually post, but with a real pop edge. The chorus is incredibly brilliant. It sounds like the sort of thing you'd hear in a sleezy bar somewhere, but with a throbbing synth bass it could also easily be played in clubs. From the pictures I've seen it seems like the band's got incredible energy, especially the crazy lead singer (the one in the front of the picture).

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! No album yet, but you can hear more songs here.)


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The mother of all perverse, crazy rock musicals and my favorite movie of all time. If you haven’t seen this movie (and who hasn’t?) you simply must. It is a Halloween tradition and even more fun to see in costume at a midnight showing. Tim Curry is quite simply a god and the freaky-weird storyline and similarly bizarre music never gets old. Some people that I’ve shown this movie to tell me that they don’t get it. I’ll tell you now, though, that if you’re watching it and finding yourself trying to “get it,” you’re probably not going to like it. It’s fun and freaky and you either get it or you don’t. Just enjoy the ride.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me

The Apple

I have made it my goal to apple-ize anyone and everyone I can. This movie is so incredibly bad that it has quickly become one of my favorite films of all time. Everybody on the face of the planet needs to see it. A blast from end to end with some of the most garish costumes, dance sequences and acting ever put on film, it is a masterpiece of camp. Set in the “futuristic world” of 1994, the plot follows two Canadians (“from Moosejaw”) who fall into the clutches of a devilish record producer. I can’t even explain how perfect the movie is but I will bet anyone who hasn’t seen it a million dollars (if I had that kind of money) that they won’t be able to guess the ending.

The Apple - Speed
The Apple - Showbizness

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Monday, August 21, 2006


"I know somehow, someway, it's all about today"

Here's a blast of pop for you. This is the kind of sticky-sweet stuff that sounds like it was manufactured in a candy factory. Only Scandinavia could bring us pure pop like this. I'm not sure how well a whole album would go down, but it's fantastic in short bursts. Now, how about that name? I have no clue what Itchycoo is supposed to mean, but it sounds like a Pokemon, doesn't it? I guess the name fits the sound. Enjoy this, cause it will be plastered in your brain for good!

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! Buy the cd here.)


Super exciting post here! if you've been following this blog recently, you'll know that I have much love for new funk/disco/rock band Under the Influence of Giants. Well, I just found out that the band's actually recorded another album in addition to their self-titled debut. Now, normally I wouldn't post full albums for download, as I'm all about supporting the artists, but this album is as-yet unreleased and I've read that UTIOG wants people to hear it one way or another. They themselves are allowing the album to be shared.

So, here it is... The cd's called Bitch City and, although I've only sampled it, it's really good so far. Although there's not as much of a disco influence as their debut, it's still definitely along the same lines. Many of the songs sound more like Maroon 5 than anything. Highlights are the definitely disco-tastic "Beautiful" and the one-two punch of openers "Workin'" and "Robbers."

Apparently, upon recording the album, UTIOG's record label didn't want them to release it. At first this seems kind of odd, since the album sounds totally releasable, but then I started listening to the lyrics and realized that a surprising amount of the songs seemed to involve murder and/or killing. Just listen to the opening line of "Bones"! Very odd stuff for a band with a party vibe, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Here's the track list to the album (along with my homemade cover):

1. Workin'
2. Robbers
3. Bones
4. Beautiful
5. Day Sleeper
6. Hell Of A Guy
7. Stage Fright
8. By Chance
9. Hi Lo
10. Golden
11. Elf Trot
12. This Is War

Enjoy! And remember to buy their debut album here!

I saw Snakes on a Plane this weekend and I'm pleased to say that it was brilliant!! It was just as twisted and funny as all of the buzz promised it would be. The smartest thing the movie did was take enough time at the beginning to establish a rather large group of eccentric, likeable (or loathable, depending on the person) characters like those old disaster movies used to do. That way, it was fun to guess who the snakes were gonna eat and who would be safe!

As if anybody doesn't already have this, here's the big song from the movie by Cobra Starship, a supergroup of sorts made up of Maja from the Sounds and some other people. The song's absolutely brilliant and is accompanied by an equally awesome music video. I've been playing it for weeks. Plus, it's the only way to be able to see Maja on MTV in the States!

Speaking of movies, stay tuned to #1 Hits for my round-up of weird and wild rock musicals. I'm a huge fan of odd rock-based musicals (think Rocky Horror) and I can't wait to share them with you. In addition to regular posts, I'll be highlighting these movies and posting some songs from their fantastic soundtracks.