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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nicole Sabouné - Must Exist

Something a little different today. Instead of one track, I've got a whole album, because Swedish artist Nicole Sabouné has been kind enough to stream her entire new album on soundcloud for the next ten days. Now, Sabouné's track Conquer Or Suffer cracked my top five of last year's singles, so I was definitely excited for this release. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet (I haven't had enough time to give a very thorough listen). I mean, since the Ark's Ola Salo and the Mo's Nicklas Stenemo are involved in writing and production, my interest is piqued to the max. Sabouné's delivery does seem a bit forced at times--affected in that new wave punky way--but that might just be a tiny quibble. I also crave more choruses as huge as Conquer Or Suffer and less of what sounds kind of icy and distant on first listen. Right now, So This Is It is the non-single standing out to me the most. I don't know... the verdict's still out. I could end up loving the album. I can sense that it might be a grower. What do you guys think?

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ash Gray - The Little Prince

I haven't featured any new K-Pop on the blog this year, and my first foray is going to be kind of obscure. Now, this song was just released, but it's not from one of the major agencies and I don't see it really getting much coverage online. This is not okay, because this track should be everywhere. It doesn't sound like what we expect from K-Pop at all. Instead of slick dance moves and glossy production, The Little Prince is a strange hybrid of EDM and rock, with some excellent wall-of-sound vocals and different musical phases--all of them dynamic in their own way. While the song begins as a ballad, it certainly doesn't stay that way. I'm not sure about how I feel about the music totally dropping out after the build-up (I wish the drop wasn't so long), but you just can't beat the bombast that this thing provides. I'm really looking forward to the accompanying album.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ola - One Day

"Changes will never come unless you can run"

I will be shocked if Ola Svensson's new album isn't in my top three when it's time for 2014's end-of-the-year countdown. Actually, scratch that, I'll be delighted, since that will only mean that this year has been unprecedented in its awesomeness. For now, though, I'm just going to close my eyes and become one with this fantastic record. But before I do, I want to highlight the closing track. Aside from the one-two punch of amazing singles that opens the album, One Day is my favorite song. It's a sterling example of that big, anthemic, galloping pop that I die for. I mean, those synth stabs are just made for fist pumping! And that chorus is like a line of exclamation marks strung together. It's big glossy pop without forgetting a sense of helter-skelter production that gives it personality and depth. Argh! I'm done, now. But please import a copy of the album. It's worth your time.

One Day by Ola on Grooveshark

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

"I need to let it go"

Foxes has been releasing single after single over the last year or two, including her massively successful collaboration with Zedd. Each time, I feel like I'm almost to the point of wanting to be obsessed with her music, but something stops me. I don't know. There was just always something little that was missing. But I think with this new song, she might have just won me over. The verses drew me in immediately, but it's that galloping production in the chorus that really sends it over the edge. Foxes' album isn't out until March, but if there is more of this sort of thing, I will definitely be checking it out. The music reminds me so much of Marina & The Diamonds (mixed with a little of Natalia Kills and Florence + The Machine, maybe).

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Monday, January 13, 2014

PleasePlease - The Sun Is Up Now (Viva La Piano)

"I've got too many ideas in mind that all involve you"

Last night it sounded like the wind was roaring 70 miles per hour outside my window, chucking grenades of rain around while I tried to sleep. In these dreary weather days of winter, I always look for songs that remind me of the long days of summer. And what better way to think about Summer 2014 than with a song from... last Spring? I'm kind of pissed that I only found out about this track this weekend, for it surely would've had a prominent spot on my 50 favorite singles of 2013 if I'd been playing it last year. PleasePlease is an epic dance duo from New Zealand and I am absolutely obsessed with this, their one and only single (so far). The Sun Is Up Now (Viva La Piano) ticks all the boxes. It's EDM, but doesn't sound like every other dance track out there now. It feels more like a pop song that just happens to have dance production. That is... it's not just one big hook, but a fully realized piece where the verses, chorus and delivery all add up to an amazing track. I need more from these guys, because I'm quickly wearing out this song.

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